Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stressful Planning

In developing my curriculum understanding project, I was trying to think of something that would shape and mold my understandings into something useful. This is how the idea of mini lessons came up. I focused on grade five to make my life easier and to reduce stress. Of course, stress never really goes away when you are a teacher. I am constantly thinking about how I can change things, be more creative, use my skills, and challenge my thinking, etc.


So when push came to shove, I created a Grade five mini lesson booklet that focused on the three strands of physical education; active living, skilful movement (with a focus on throwing and catching), and relationships. These fifteen mini lesson will help any teacher trying to find new ideas to use in their physical education class, whether in the gymnasium or not, and make connections to the Saskatchewan Curriculum.

Needless to say stress does come with planning when you are a teacher, but sometimes riding in the rough will give you the diamond you looking for.  
What is your way of demonstrating your understanding of curriculum?

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