Friday, 20 January 2012

Keeping Active: Dance

So, as usual I have my ritual of watching Ellen DeGeneres and today I witnessed physical education at its finest. Aunt Carol who’s welcomed onto to The Ellen Show after Ellen saw her dancing Hip Hop on YouTube.  (Watch the video to see Aunt Carol Hip Hop)

Now many would say dancing is not a part of Physical Education. Well I beg to differ. It is stated in the Saskatchewan EducationCurriculum that students in grade nine demonstrate body management activities and lists dance as one way of demonstrating this. This clip inspired me to think about dance differently. If Aunt Carol can keep dancing and keep healthy, than so can students in the classroom. (or in this case the gymnasium) So why not incorporate dance as part of Physical Education? I don’t see how this would be a problem to any Physical Education classrooms, do you? Let's try it!


  1. I agree that dance should be larger part of one's physical education. This is especially important in small towns where opportunities to take dance (classes) are less easily available.

  2. I agree Jalissa. I am from a very small town and when I was younger I was able to take Dance for two years, but since our dance instructor moved I was no longer able to take it due to cost of travel.