Sunday, 15 January 2012

What is Physical Education?

What is Physical Education? Is it developing skills for lifelong fitness, building relationships through the social activities, or building a sense of self, community and place? I believe it to be all three.

As I read through the curriculum documents I see that the above three areas (lifelong learners, sense of self, community, and place, and engaged citizens through building relationships) as broad areas of learning that students are supposed to learn as they go through their Physical Education careers. I have learned that in many cases this is not true.

Take for example in some cases many physical education class experiences involve dodge ball, the common sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field), and capture the flag. But physical education is much more than that.

Physical Education has to be about developing important skills, strategies, and tactics that can be transferred to a variety of contexts.

Physical Education has to be about developing a balanced self. Being continued healthy individuals, making for healthy families and communities.

Physical Education has to be about enhancing personal well-being of self and others, by contributing to social, cultural and environmental activities.

Now all these ideas are great!  The problem comes to actually initiating them in any teacher’s physical education class whether it in Kindergarten or Grade Twelve. It is important to involve all these broad areas of learning so the next generation can have positive lifestyles.

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